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COVID19 Updates



To better serve you during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, WLA Ortho has these new rules for appointments:

1. When you arrive to your appointment, please wait in your car. Reply to your appointment text-message with your name and that you are here: “Jonathan Shouhed is Here”

2. Wait for us to call you and when you are called, please come to the rear entrance near the parking lot. If you do not receive a phone call within 5 minutes, please knock on the rear door and we will let you in.

3. Enter the building through the back door.

4. Please wash your hands as soon as you enter and seat yourself and let us know immediately if there is a specific problem we need to address.

5. Please try to limit what you touch during your appointment.

6. Wash your hands prior to leaving.


Hello West LA Orthodontics Family,


This past month has been very difficult for us as we are sure it has been for you and your family. At West LA Orthodontics we are committed to providing excellent care in a safe and clean environment. We are writing this letter to you to tell you what we are doing now and what we will be doing in the future to protect our patients when things start to get back to normal. We hope you are all well and safe and can’t wait to see you soon at our office.

Currently, we have shut down our office for anything other than emergency visits. We are answering all calls and keeping track of all progress, but all employees are being asked to work from home where possible. Prior to taking this hiatus, we disinfected every single surface of our office from doorknobs to glass, to countertops and all the way to cabinet handles. We are using the strongest disinfectants and sterilizing solutions available to the medical field. We will not let our office be a vector for disease and are making every effort to create a safe environment that is free of ANY infectious disease.

With an eye toward the future for when life starts getting back to normal, we are taking a few very big steps. Currently we are ordering extra protective gear including N95 masks for our staff, which help prevent the airborne transmission of Covid-19, face shields and eye protection. We are reviewing sterilization protocols with staff so that everyone is properly educated on exactly how to keep our patients safe. Clinically, we will be minimizing in office visits for patients, providing virtual care-calls through video conferencing which will be available on our website shortly. We are also asking anybody who is entering the office to fill out an updated health history with pertinent questions regarding Covid-19 symptoms. Anybody entering our office will also have their temperature taken for added precaution. For any procedure that will involve creating aerosols which can affect others, we will be providing treatment in private rooms that have the ability to be ventilated. I promise you that we will be extremely vigilant with disinfection. Currently we utilize universal precautions (the industry-wide standards to disinfect for all infectious diseases), but we are going to go above and beyond these requirements for the foreseeable future: we will wipe down and clean all surfaces between appointments, not just used or soiled or potentially soiled surfaces. We will schedule patients to limit patient-patient interactions. In short, we will be doing everything in our power to protect our patients.

Our tentative schedule for returning to work is as follows: Aligner patients that are scheduled for aligner pick-ups are able to continue on as scheduled. We will have minor changes to appointment times to minimize amount of time that the office is open daily. Please help us coordinate these appointments. If you are in aligner treatment but scheduled to come in for a procedure other than picking up aligners, we will have to delay your appointment until after April 20, 2020. If you are in traditional braces we are delaying all appointments until after April 20, 2020 as well. These may be delayed more in the future as recommendations come in from the American Dental Association and the Center for Disease Control. Please be sure, Joanna our office manager, will reach out to you in the coming days to coordinate your next appointment.

I truly appreciate your patience and understanding during these times. We are working very hard on our end to be properly educated and prepared to serve our patients. We are dedicated to making sure we get this right and will not put our patients in harm’s way until we are sure we are doing everything possible to minimize risk. We will get through this, and we will get through it together. Please let us know if there is anything at all that you need in the meantime. We are here for you and your families. 


With love,

Dr. Jonathan Shouhed

Orthodontist, West LA Orthodontics

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