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It’s only been 6 years since Smile Rx Custom Aligners became the dream of our founder, Dr. Jonathan Shouhed. Having started his own orthodontic practice in Los Angeles, he realized that many patients wanted to use clear aligners for correction of their orthodontic problems. With only a few options at his disposal to help these patients, he quickly realized that the “brand name” aligners had a monopoly on the product and that most patients had to accept extremely high treatment fees for even the most simple cases. He knew there were patients that wanted something better, something more versatile and something more affordable. Something needed to be done, and Dr. J was the person to do it.

After months of research, locating the best materials possible for his new type of aligners, understanding the technology that goes into creating and fabricating orthodontic aligners and tinkering with his formula, Smile Rx Aligners was born. Dr. J had found the perfect combination of premium products, predictable movements and reduced costs. Finally, there was an orthodontist who had figured out how to provide excellent results at a fraction of the price.

Partnering with a newly minted company, uLab systems, which gave him the ability to move teeth using a proprietary tooth movement software, Dr. J realized that he could provide short term aligner orthodontic treatment with incredible efficiency. This, along with his early adoption of 3D printing in his orthodontic office, meant that he was on to something special. The result was nothing less than excellent clinical results with maximum ease for his patients. Along the way, he realized he could also offer minimal numbers of appointments, virtual follow-up appointments and revolutionary treatment mechanics all became the hallmark of Smile Rx Orthodontic Aligners.

Years of research about thermoplastic materials for orthodontic applications have taught our development team some important lessons. The ideal clear aligner would:

  • Provide firm but gentle teeth movement force continually over 7-14 day wear period, as prescribed.
  • Be comfortable to wear, as well as easy to insert and remove.

  • Appear transparent and remain transparent throughout the full course of use.

Our state-of-the-art aligner plastic material meets these important performance objectives … but we’re always aiming for improvement. Could there be a material flexible enough to reduce the initial aligner insertion force required to insert an aligner, increasing patient comfort, and also provide significantly better teeth movement force throughout an aligner stage? Could the material resist deformation and also be highly stain resistant?

An extensive research and development program showed that no single material could deliver this leap in performance and durability. So, we found a way to combine high-performance materials using a dual-shell structure.

A Unique Trilayer Structure

Smile Rx’s cutting edge technology combines an elastomeric inner core to provide flexibility and elasticity with a hard outer shell to increase elasticity and firmly grip the teeth.

The tough outer shell precisely hugs the teeth, helping to make the desired tooth movements like rotation and extrusion and intrusion. It also provides a tough barrier to protect against grinding from the opposing dental arch.

The elastomeric middle layer of Smile Rx Aligners combine with the hard outer shell to deliver the ability to rebound and recover from mechanical deformation, delivering up to 150%-plus better teeth movement force than competing materials over a 7-10 day wear period.

All Aligners Lose Force Over Time

The nature of thermoplastic materials is to adapt to their environment (forces applied to them) over time. This response is exaggerated at higher temperatures, such as at the temperature inside the mouth. This means that ALL thermoformed aligner materials will enter the mouth with a higher force placed on teeth, then decline in force over time. This translates into a good chance of pain for the patient when the aligner is inserted … and possibly limited and rapidly declining tooth-moving force in as little as one or two days.

More Patient Comfort & Sustained Teeth Movement Force

Smile Rx Aligners exert 40% lower insertion force than other aligner materials and also delivers significantly better patient comfort throughout the entire treatment stage. This much better patient comfort combined with our 150%-plus better teeth movement force opens up wider range of treatment protocols.


smile rx



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