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Jonathan Shouhed, DDS

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An overbite can be more than a cosmetic concern; it can also lead to more significant oral health problems. Jonathan Shouhed, DDS, is a highly skilled orthodontist who can improve the look and function of your smile by treating your overbite at West LA Orthodontics in Los Angeles, conveniently located near Culver City. To learn more about how Dr. Shouhed can correct your bite, book a visit today by calling the office or using the convenient online scheduling tool.

Overbite Q & A

What is an overbite?

An overbite, commonly known as “buck teeth,” is a type of malocclusion (jaw misalignment) characterized by front upper teeth that stick out and over the lower front teeth.

What causes an overbite?

In most cases, an overbite is hereditary, but there are also some behavioral and developmental factors that can lead to an overbite, such as:

Teeth crowding

Overbites sometimes develop if you have tumors, cysts, impacted teeth, or extra teeth that push against your upper front teeth and force them to shift forward and out.

Tongue thrusting

Tongue thrusting is the habitual action of pressing the tongue up against the back of the front teeth. It’s a common habit in children that can sometimes linger into adulthood. While tongue thrusting is frequently a bad habit, it can also develop in reaction to chronically swollen adenoids or tonsils.

Non-nutritive sucking behavior (NNSB)

NNSB is any sucking action that doesn’t provide nutrition, such as pacifier- or thumb-sucking. The constant pressure of the sucking motion can gradually move the front teeth out of alignment.

Why should I correct my overbite?

Many patients of West LA Orthodontics choose to correct their overbite for cosmetic reasons. An overbite can actually lead to changes in the overall appearance of your face, changes that fixing the malocclusion can correct.

In severe cases, an overbite can lead to more serious health problems, like:

  • Pain in the jaw and teeth when chewing or biting down
  • Impaired chewing, breathing, or speaking
  • Gum damage

Dr. Shouhed highly recommends correcting your overbite if it’s interfering with your health or any of your day-to-day activities.

How do you treat an overbite?

Dr. Shouhed is highly skilled in administering a number of different procedures at West LA Orthodontics that can correct your overbite and improve your smile, including:

  • Braces
  • Invisalign® clear plastic aligners
  • The Carriere® Motion 3D™ Appliance
  • Installing a rapid palatal expander to reduce crowding in your dental ridge
  • Repositioning the alignment of your jaw with corrective jaw surgery

Stop living with an overbite that you don’t want and let Dr. Shouhed and the team of experts at West LA Orthodontics give you the smile you deserve. You can schedule your appointment today by calling the office or booking your visit online.