Adjunctive Orthodontic Therapy in Beverly Hills

Ensuring Your Dental Work Is a Success

When you have dental implants, crowns or veneers, on occasion you need to have extra treatment to make sure your procedure is a success. At West LA Orthodontics our top priority is ensuring you are satisfied with your dental work. Dr. Jonathan Shouhed wants to make sure any treatment you have has every chance of improving your lifestyle for the better.

What Is Adjunctive Therapy?

Adjunctive therapy is a procedure that may be required before, during, or after dental treatment to ensure the success of that treatment. For example, moving teeth that are adjacent to a missing tooth so that an implant may be placed. Adjunctive therapy may be necessary when the patient is receiving veneers, crowns, or implants. West LA Orthodontics offers an array of adjuntive orthodontic therapies in Beverly Hills to shift, align, and prepare teeth for a given treatment to ensure the best possible outcome.

Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

When an implant is necessary to replace a missing tooth, Dr. J provides tooth movement around the implant site so you can achieve optimum bite function and have enough space for the implant itself. When the preliminary or adjunctive treatment is provided in this way, it allows for optimal aesthetics, function and durability of the dental implant.

Dental Emergencies and Crowns in Beverly Hills

In cases of dental emergencies where a severely broken tooth will be treated with a crown, Dr. J and his expert team can help stabilize the tooth prior to the placement of the crown, giving the best opportunity for the results of the procedure to be durable and long-lasting.

By providing orthodontic treatment before crowns are placed in these situations, our Beverly Hills orthodontic team can make the natural tooth longer in length, so there is more structure to use to hold the crown in place. The result is the crown is more secure on the natural tooth.

Bone Loss Prevention in Beverly Hills

In cases of extreme bone loss, fixed orthodontic therapy can help prevent potential issues after a dental procedure to stabilize the tooth.

One of the most common ways of stabilizing a loose tooth is by using a splint. The procedure involves using a splint to attach the tooth to the teeth surrounding it. The loose tooth is held in place so the root may re-bond with the surrounding bone.

Dr. J’s orthodontic treatment in Beverly Hills, which holds the natural teeth in place, helps to generate new, stronger bone, which in turn supports the teeth. In many cases, the process can extend the life of teeth by 20-30 years. 

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Ask Dr. J About Adjunctive Therapy

What are the benefits of Adjunctive Orthodontic Services?
Adjunctive orthodontics is a fancy way of saying that your teeth need to be moved before another dental procedure can be done such as dental implants, managing diseases, restoring function, or improving appearance.
Dr. J
When should I see an orthodontist?
Come visit us if you have any concerns about your smile. Whether you're a child, teen, or adult, we're here to help you achieve your best smile!
Dr. J
What Are Adjunctive Orthodontic Services?
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