Smile Rx Custom Orthodontic Aligners

Versatile, Comfortable, Affordable.

Smile Rx Custom Aligners is a dream come true for our founder, Dr. Jonathan Shouhed. When he started West LA Orthodontics, Dr. J realized that many of his patients wanted to use clear aligners to correct their orthodontic problems, but the treatment was out of reach for them financially. He created Smile Rx Custom Aligners to be the best clear aligners in Beverly Hills, to offer a more versatile and more affordable alternative to other “brand” aligners.

After months of research, locating the best materials possible for his new type of aligners, and understanding the technology that goes into creating and fabricating orthodontic aligners, Smile Rx Custom Aligners was born. Dr. J found the perfect combination of premium products, predictable movements and reduced costs. He is proud to be one of the first orthodontists to provide excellent results at a fraction of the price of other aligner systems.

Partnering with uLab Systems, Dr. J utilizes a proprietary tooth movement software that allows him to provide short-term aligner orthodontic treatment with incredible efficiency. This, along with his early adoption of 3D printing of the aligners, enabled him to achieve excellent clinical results with maximum ease for his patients. The result? The best clear aligners available — right here in Beverly Hills!

Want to get incredible smile makeover results with Smile Rx Custom Aligners?

What Are Smile Rx Aligners

Smile Rx Custom Aligners are a promise of excellence for your dream smile ar the best clear aligners in Beverly Hills. Years of research on thermoplastic materials for orthodontic applications have taught our development team some important lessons. The ideal clear aligner would:

  • Provide firm but gentle tooth movement force continually over a seven-to 14-day wear period, as prescribed.
  • Be comfortable to wear, as well as easy to insert and remove.
  • Appear transparent and remain transparent throughout the full course of use.

Our original state-of-the-art plastic aligner material met these important performance objectives, but since we’re always aiming for improvement, we developed a superior aligner material that was flexible enough to reduce the initial aligner insertion force required to insert an aligner, thereby increasing patient comfort, and also provide significantly better tooth movement force throughout the clear aligner stage.

Improved Patient Comfort & Sustained Tooth Movement Force

Smile Rx Aligners exert 40% lower insertion force than other aligner materials and also deliver significantly better patient comfort throughout the entire treatment stage. This improved patient comfort combined with our 150%-plus better tooth movement force allows a wider range of treatment protocols.

A Unique Trilayer Structure

Smile Rx Custom Aligner's cutting-edge technology combines an elastomeric inner core to provide flexibility and elasticity with a hard outer shell to increase elasticity and firmly grip the teeth. The tough outer shell precisely hugs the teeth, helping to make the desired tooth movements like rotation, extrusion and intrusion. It also provides a tough barrier to protect against grinding from the opposing dental arch.

The elastomeric middle layer of Smile Rx Custom Aligners combines with the hard outer shell to deliver the ability to rebound and recover from mechanical deformation, delivering up to 150%-plus better tooth movement force than competing materials over a seven- to 10-day wear period.

What Orthodontic Conditions Can Be Treated by Smile Rx Custom Aligners?

The beauty of Smile Rx aligners is they are designed to treat less complex orthodontic problems over a shorter period of time than other “brand” aligners. When you come in for your consultation for the best clear aligners in Beverly Hills, if Dr. J thinks your case is suitable for Smile Rx aligners, he can talk you through the process. We also have several financing options available for Smile Rx Custom Aligners.

Smile Rx aligners are effective for treating many of the same orthodontic conditions as traditional metal braces, like:

  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Underbite
  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Open bite
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Smile Rx Custom Aligners can improve your oral health and give you a straighter smile you can’t resist showing off to your friends!

Dr. J is proud to offer Smile Rx aligners as an alternative to traditional braces and other aligners at a fraction of the cost. We look forward to welcoming you to West LA Orthodontics, where we will help you achieve your smile goals!

Ready to get a highly customized orthodontic treatment plan with the best clear aligners and state-of-the-art technology in Beverly Hills for your best smile yet?

Ask Dr. J About Smile Rx

Are there any age restrictions for using Smile Rx Custom Aligners?
No age limits here! Smile Rx is for everyone who wants a confident smile. Whether you're 18 or 80, we've got your back.
Dr. J
What are the benefits of choosing Smile Rx Aligners over traditional braces or other aligner systems other than cost?
Smile Rx Aligners offer efficiency and comfort. They're custom-made for you, reducing treatment time. Plus, they're practically invisible, so you can smile confidently.
Dr. J
Do you have any testimonials?
Here are some kind words from patients who transformed their smile with Smile Rx!
Dr. J
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