Send Your Smile in a Snap!

Using SmileSnap Technology, Dr. J will let you know if you need braces and give you a quick report on your treatment choices.

We get it, life is busy, especially for parents. Missing work and pulling kids out of school for orthodontic appointments can be a hassle. Now you can connect with Dr. J at West LA Orthodontics straight from your cell phone. 

Just snap some selfies, send them our way, and our Beverly Hills orthodontist will assess your smile, recommend treatments, and provide pricing.

Advanced Technology Means Fewer Appointments

Once you're in treatment, we use virtual consultation technology with AI to keep an eye on your progress. You only need to come in for an appointment when it suits you or when it's necessary.

Save time, skip the hassle – Dr. J is making orthodontic care in Beverly Hills straightforward and convenient for your busy schedule.

Enjoy These These SmileSnap Benefits 

Smilesnap consultations make it easy for parents and kids to connect with Dr. J from the comfort of their home. No more travel hassles or waiting rooms – just a simple, convenient online appointment.

Time-Saving Solution

Busy schedules? SmileSnap saves time by eliminating the need for in-person visits. Parents can schedule appointments without disrupting work or school, ensuring that their kids’ orthodontic care fits seamlessly into their daily routine.

Child-Friendly Experience

Kids love the friendly and interactive nature of SmileSnap consultations. The platform creates a positive environment, reducing anxiety associated with traditional dental visits. The child-friendly interface and engaging communication make it an enjoyable experience for young patients.

Immediate Guidance

Parents receive prompt advice and guidance from dental professionals, addressing concerns in real-time. Quick responses to questions and concerns help parents make informed decisions about their child's oral health.

Enhanced Safety

SmileSnap prioritizes safety, providing a virtual alternative in times when physical visits may be challenging. This ensures that parents can prioritize their child's dental health without compromising on safety.

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Parents and kids both love SmileSnap consultations for the convenience, time savings, child-friendly experience, immediate guidance, and enhanced safety. It's a win-win for happy smiles and healthier teeth!