Nearly half of teens receive orthodontic treatments, and even more than that could benefit from orthodontic treatment to correct issues ranging from simple aesthetic improvements to complex bite and alignment problems. 

As you navigate the sea of orthodontic options for your teen, you may find yourself debating between traditional metal braces vs. a more modern option — clear aligners. While clear aligners offer a more comfortable alternative to traditional braces, they may not be the best choice for every teen. 

Read on to learn whether clear aligners are appropriate for your teen's needs, lifestyle, and dental care goals — and where to find the best orthodontist for clear aligners in Beverly Hills.

How to Choose Between Clear Aligners and Braces for Your Teen

When deciding between clear aligners like Invisalign and traditional metal braces for your teenager, several factors, including the effectiveness of the treatment and your child’s comfort and confidence during orthodontic treatment, should be considered. Things you will want to consider include:

  • The complexity of your teen's dental issues: Clear aligners work best for mild to moderate orthodontic corrections like crooked teeth and misaligned bites — while traditional braces are usually necessary for more complex issues. 
  • Your teen's personality and lifestyle: Clear aligners take more discipline and responsibility. Since they are removable and require strict adherence to wearing schedules, they could be a good fit for some teens and not others. Traditional braces might be better for a teen who is less likely to comply with the maintenance and wearing schedule of aligners. 
  • Your teen's self-image and social life: Clear aligners are less noticeable and could appeal to teens who are self-conscious about their appearance or want to keep an unobstructed view of their smile. 

Making a well-informed decision about clear aligners should always include a detailed consultation with your child’s orthodontist in Beverly Hills, during which you can discuss your teen's unique needs and preferences. 

Benefits of Clear Aligners for Teens

Clear aligners offer a range of benefits, making them an attractive option for teens requiring orthodontic treatment. These benefits include:

  • Removability: Clear aligners can be removed before meals, allowing teens to eat without restrictions. This means they can continue enjoying all their favorite foods without worrying about damaging their orthodontic appliance or being at risk for discolored teeth — a risk with traditional metal braces.
  • Self-Confidence: Since clear aligners are virtually invisible, they are less likely to impact a teen's appearance. This can be a significant concern during these formative years — especially in the heart of the nation's entertainment capital. The discreetness of clear aligners is associated with less self-consciousness about smiling, speaking in public, or being in front of the camera.
  • Less Irritating: Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are made of smooth medical-grade material that looks and feels similar to plastic. They are also custom-made using precise 3-D digital imaging. Both of these benefits reduce the risk of irritation to the gums and the inside of the mouth during the treatment process.
  • Less Chance of an Emergency: Clear aligners do not have wires or brackets, so there is a reduced risk of orthodontic emergencies, such as a broken wire or bracket, which require immediate attention.

Clear aligners can be a great choice for teens who want the benefits of traditional metal braces without the drawbacks — they offer a more comfortable and flexible orthodontic solution that can easily adapt to a teen's active lifestyle while providing the desired results. 

Are There Any Downsides of Gettings Clear Aligners for Your Teen?

While clear aligners offer numerous advantages for teens needing orthodontic treatment, there are also some key points your teen should be aware of before committing to consider:

  • To be effective, aligners must be consistently worn 22 hours a day. This requires high discipline and commitment from the teen to ensure successful treatment.
  • Aligners must be thoroughly cleaned daily for your teen to maintain good oral hygiene and prevent any unpleasant odors, bacterial buildup, or discoloration of the teeth or aligner trays.
  • Because clear aligners are removable, there's a risk of them being misplaced or lost, which can disrupt the treatment process and potentially lead to additional costs.

The success of orthodontic treatment with clear aligners largely depends on your teen's ability to adhere to the guidelines for wear and care. Understanding your teen's habits and willingness to comply with the treatment plan is essential to ensure that your investment in clear aligners results in a positive outcome.

Where to Get the Best Clear Aligners in Beverly Hills

For teens and their families, clear aligners represent a modern approach to teeth straightening that works well with teenage life's demands. However, before committing to clear aligners for your teen, it's important to assess your teen’s level of maturity and responsibility. 

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