What types of foods do you avoid during braces?

Avoid foods that are hard and crunchy or sticky and chewy. Hard and crunchies: tortilla chips or hard shell tortilla, Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, Kettle Chips, Cheez-Its, pretzels, popcorn, crust of the bread or pizza, crispy french fries, well-toasted bread, fried chicken and sandwiches/hamburgers should be avoided during braces. Also, do not eat any hard candies and lollipops during braces. Sticky and chewies: Gum, gummy bears, gummy worms, sour straws and sour belts, Skittles, Starburst, Jelly-Beans, licorice, Laffy-Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Now-and-Laters, and caramel chews should all be avoided also.

Are there healthy foods to avoid during braces?

There are definitely healthy foods that can break brackets. Biting into an apple, granola bars, nuts, carrots, corn-on-the-cob, chunky peanut butter, well-cooked steak or beef jerky, and chewy and/or toasted bagels can break brackets. Avoid these.

What foods are ok during braces?

In general, you want to eat foods that dissolve easily in your mouth, don’t have hard parts in them and don’t require a lot of chewing. There are options for all different meals and snacks, it just takes a little bit of planning and thinking before eating. Read below to see your options.

What foods are ok to eat for breakfast while wearing braces?

Protein shakes, pancakes, eggs (any style), hash browns that are not crispy, oatmeal, cereal that is slightly mushy (let the milk soak in for a few minutes first!), lightly toasted bread with butter or cream cheese (cut off the crust), yogurt/cottage cheese and avocado toast.

What foods are ok for lunch and dinner while wearing braces?

Mashed potatoes (sweet potatoes), fish (any kind including sushi), ground beef or turkey, shredded chicken or pork, steamed vegetables, pasta or ramen noodles, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese, rice, beans, burritos, soft tacos, soup/chili, tofu, quinoa and couscous are all excellent options for your second and third meals of the day.

What are good snack foods to eat while wearing braces?

Sliced (or diced) fruits like watermelon, banana, mango, apples (or applesauce!) and small fruits like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries as well as bite sized pieces of cheese are a good way to have something delicious and nutritious. Baked chips, puddings, Jello, and muffins are great afternoon snacks. And of course, ice cream is a great option when teeth are sore (just remember to brush after!).

Can I eat chips with braces?

Yes, you just need to select the right ones. Pringles, “baked” chips and Cheeto Puffs/Fries are great braces options for chips. Just try to remember to eat ONE CHIP AT A TIME, so that you don’t accidentally break a bracket.

Can I drink soda with braces?

Technically, yes, you can drink whatever you want with braces. But drinks with sugar cause cavities and teeth are harder to clean with braces on. So if your brushing is not 5-Stars, you may end up with cavities before your braces treatment is finished. Best practice is to avoid sugary drinks while wearing braces. But if you do drink them, make sure to brush right after and to keep your teeth perfectly clean to avoid cavities!!

This is a great list, but we cannot tell you about all the foods on earth to avoid with braces... so... when in doubt or when you're not sure, avoid the food item you're thinking about, because broken brackets are never worth it.