Are you wondering how you can help your teenager achieve their perfect smile? This guide will walk you through orthodontic treatment options for teens, helping you decide the right choice for your family, and pinpointing the perfect timing for an orthodontist consultation. 

Metal or Plastic? Making the Right Choice Between Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Metal Braces

A top choice among parents for their children's orthodontic needs due to their durability, traditional orthodontic braces (metal braces) are a tried and trusted treatment. Their strengths include robustness, ease of maintenance, and efficiency in aligning teeth. Our Beverly Hills orthodontic practice also adds a touch of fun by offering customizable brace colors at each visit!

Clear Aligners 

It’s not a surprise that teens are concerned about their appearance. The Invisalign system offers a discreet orthodontic solution, making it a popular choice for teenagers and adults alike. As a leading provider in Los Angeles, WLA Orthodontics ensures a seamless experience with clear aligners. Notable for its low-profile design and convenience when it comes to oral hygiene, Invisalign can also be easily removed when it’s time to eat, brush, and floss.

Wait, There’s More!

Our clinic proudly offers a third innovative option: LightForce braces. Tailored for each individual, these white, 3D-printed braces combine aesthetics with efficiency, making them a popular choice among teens. Their custom fit not only accelerates the treatment process but also reduces the frequency of orthodontic visits. With their sleek design, LightForce braces offer an attractive alternative to traditional metal braces, blending durability with discretion.

What’s the Right Orthodontic Treatment for Your Teen?

Selecting the right orthodontic option involves several key factors. Here are the top 5 points to keep in mind:

  • Appointment Frequency: Traditional metal braces require frequent orthodontic check-ups, typically every six weeks. For fewer office visits, consider LightForce braces, offering a more spaced-out schedule of approximately eight to ten weeks. For the utmost convenience, clear aligners like Invisalign minimize visits even further, with check-ups every 12 weeks. Keep in mind, that issues like broken brackets could increase appointment frequency.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: For a virtually invisible treatment, clear aligners, including Invisalign, offer an unmatched aesthetic advantage. These transparent solutions ensure your teen can maintain confidence throughout their orthodontic journey.
  • Treatment Speed: LightForce braces lead the way in treatment speed, blending digital precision with the effectiveness of traditional methods. This innovative approach represents the next generation of orthodontic solutions.
  • Durability and Strength: Stainless steel metal braces stand out for their durability, offering a robust solution for straightening teeth. Their high resistance to damage and staining makes them a reliable choice.
  • Oral Hygiene Ease Clear aligners provide a significant advantage in dental hygiene for teens. Their removable nature allows for straightforward brushing and flossing, free from interfering braces or wires.

When Does Your Teen See the Orthodontist?

Early Stage: The emergence of your child's first adult teeth signals the ideal time for an initial orthodontic evaluation. This visit allows the orthodontist to assess jaw development, ensure there's enough room for incoming teeth, and set the stage for ideal jaw growth.

Optimal Timing: Suspecting your child might need braces? A quick count is all it takes—if they have four to eight primary (baby) teeth remaining, it's time to schedule an appointment. Starting treatment as these last baby teeth are making their exit can lead to more effective results.

Later Stage: Once all primary teeth have been replaced by permanent ones, the window for some orthodontic treatments might begin to narrow. However, it's never too late to seek advice. Early consultation can simplify treatment, but options remain available to address orthodontic issues at any age.

Interested in Learning More About the Best Orthodontic Treatment in Beverly Hills?

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